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Sports equipment for home fitness: discover the offers of FFitness Store

Our tools are a must for carrying out sporting activities at home or wherever you want. Having a vast selection of quality home fitness sports equipment available is one of the factors that determine the success of any athlete, in fact, the choice of professional level equipment is not only suitable for sports centers and gyms but is also successful for those who want to get in perfect physical shape even at home.


Ffitness Store, thanks to long experience in the fitness and sports sector in general, is able to select the best equipment on the market for you. We will choose the most famous brands in the sector and professional brands: the Ffitness Store offer for home fitness sports equipment includes tools for every sporting activity: multifunction benches, exercise bikes, treadmills, air walkers, rowing machines and many other items.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT FOR HOME FITNESS: how long has this sport existed?

The sporting activity that we now call fitness has existed practically since the birth of man and has evolved together with man throughout history. Let's think about prehistory, and when men survived by hunting for long periods: wasn't that also physical activity? With progress, daily physical activity decreases and man adopts a more sedentary lifestyle but even at home he can carry out all the physical activity his body needs thanks to adequate home fitness sports equipment .