At the end of the day, the order is entered into the Charges Register, as required by current legislation on electronic commerce.

The product warranty is the one in force in Italy (2 years).

If the buyer needs the invoice, the request must be carried out at the same time as the order (on the same day no later than 3.00 pm), sending, as indicated in the order confirmation form, code SDI, VAT number, tax code and email address.

The right of conformity is a real guarantee, i.e. the guarantee that the seller ensures to the buyer in reference to the characteristics and quality of the product purchased, to protect it from possible (and involuntary) faults or defects in the goods. However, as required by the Consumer Code and the Civil Code, if the product defect is due to tampering, damage or misuse by the buyer, or the buyer is not satisfied with the product purchased, he is not entitled to the guarantee .

The lack of conformity exists when the product does not conform to the description or does not possess the qualities presented by the seller.

The lack of conformity that occurs within 24 months from the date of purchase of the goods must be reported by the consumer within 2 months from the date of discovery of the defect.

Remember that: all product images are included for illustrative purposes only. The articles may undergo changes.


The Consumer Code (articles 128-135) provides for a 24-month legal guarantee in the sales of consumer goods between retailers and consumers. FFitness is responsible towards consumers for defects of conformity for all products sold in its stores and on its official website.

To report any defect in the product purchased from FFitness, the consumer must show the purchase receipt or invoice which will be retained in the event of a refund or return in the event of replacement or technical assistance. You should therefore remember to keep the purchase receipt or invoice as proof for at least two years.

In the event of a lack of conformity, duly reported within the terms and in the manner described here, the consumer has the right:

- primarily, to the repair or replacement of the goods, at your choice, unless the requested remedy is impossible or excessively onerous compared to the other; - in the alternative (where the first two remedies are impossible or excessively onerous, or have not been carried out within a reasonable time, or previous repairs or replacements have caused significant inconvenience to the consumer), to request a price reduction or termination of the contract.

The timing of assistance is mainly determined by the type of product and above all by the nature of the defect. The average time for FFitness to return the repaired product to the Consumer is 45 days. If within the maximum period of 90 days FFitness is unable to return the repaired product, the consumer may request one of the alternative remedies (replacement, termination of the contract, price reduction).

To take advantage of the legal guarantee, the customer can contact FFitness Customer Service via WhatsApp on 375 554 0707 or with an email to You will then receive instructions for packing and collection.

The Customer will send, at his own expense, the defective product in the original packaging, with purchase receipt or invoice.

FFitness is not responsible for any losses or problems regarding delivery to its headquarters due to the shipping method chosen.

Once the product has been received, FFitness will:

1. examine the product to verify whether the problem can be easily and immediately resolved or whether, on the contrary, there are obvious causes for exclusion of the Legal Guarantee (for example expiry of the coverage term, clear presence of accidental damage or damage caused by the consumer); 2. register the product and the Customer for the purposes of managing the assistance process; 3. send the product for appropriate checks in the warehouse; 4. replace the product itself if the repair is impossible or excessively expensive.

Nothing will be due as repair or component costs.

To find out the status of the repair, the consumer can contact FFitness at the contact details indicated on the site. However, FFitness will promptly inform the consumer, via email or telephone, when the product is ready for return as, before any shipping, confirmation of the address and telephone number will always be requested.

In the absence of a purchase receipt or invoice, it will not be possible to proceed with any type of refund for any reason.


FFitness is attentive to the needs and expectations of its customers. You can rethink your purchase and return the purchased item, without having to specify the reason, up to the end of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of delivery, unless the right of withdrawal is excluded by the applicable legislation. You will have the right to obtain a refund of the price paid for the purchase of the returned product (excluding shipping costs incurred).

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must send, by registered letter, a communication within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. The communication must be addressed to:

FFitness by Vincenzo Fusaro (Fusaro Moto) Via Giovanna da Durazzo, 2 Bitonto (BA)

upon communication via e-mail to .

You will have to return the goods at your expense as they arrived, i.e. absolutely new, unused, complete with all its parts and the original packaging completely intact. Failure to comply with these principles unfortunately makes the right of withdrawal inapplicable.

In case of application of the right of withdrawal, once the goods have been received, which will be examined, if found intact and without any damage, the entire amount paid will be refunded.


If the purchase is made with PayPal and the product does not arrive (check the shipment using the goods tracking code), PayPal's "Purchase Protection" program can refund the entire amount, including shipping costs. You must file a dispute within 180 days of purchase.

PayPal's "Purchase Protection" program does not apply:

1. if the seller described the item in detail and precisely, but the buyer is not satisfied with the purchase; 2. if you opened the dispute more than 180 days after the purchase date; 3. if your PayPal account is not in order.

PayPal's "Purchase Protection" program can also cover purchases not authorized by you, but made with your PayPal account, if you report the problem within 60 days.

Remember that there are requirements to meet. You can report any suspicious activity, identity theft or phishing to PayPal. Thanks to Paypal, we accept 25 different currencies and convert them for you. Wherever you shop, our security is always the same.

For further information, you can consult the dedicated Paypal Purchase Protection page.


In the event of a refund of the purchased goods, the credit will be processed within 5-7 working days, starting from the moment the returned product reaches our logistics center.

Please note that a few days may pass between the date you send the item back to us and the date it is received by our returns center. The refund is made in the same way as the payment made by the customer. If the payment was made by cash on delivery, the customer will be asked for the IBAN into which the purchase amount will be paid

FFitness makes replacements with products of the same type (where available) if those received present defects of conformity or malfunctions, pursuant to the legal guarantee, or with different products where the customer demonstrates that he has made an incorrect purchase or has chosen an incorrect product ( subject to payment of any difference, to which the exchange costs must be added).


FFitness ships your order with different couriers, based on the best timing for your logistical and economic needs: GLS, BRT and TNT (for large packages, Sardinia, Sagiate and cash on delivery), Nexive, Courier Express (only for Puglia and Basilicata). Delivery times vary from 24 to 48 hours (for the islands 48/72 hours), except for problems with the courier during delivery.

Remember that shipping by courier is always traceable online. A private communication will be sent to you in which we will indicate the courier used and the tracking number, with which to follow your order. If the goods will not be delivered to you within 24/48 hours, contact us by email at to request further information (the goods may have fallen into storage or the courier may have had problems).

The check point for the subsequent shipment of the goods is at 1.30 pm: therefore, if you make the purchase after 1.30 pm and pay for the goods at the same time, the shipment will depart the following day with delivery expected after 24/48 hours. Wait for the deadlines to expire before requesting the tracking of your goods.


If you have special needs, you can take advantage of the Hold Deposit option. This is a clause that you can request if you want to have the shipment blocked in the courier's depot/warehouse and then collect it in person.

After placing the order, you must immediately send a communication to our Customer Service (via the Contact form , with an email or by sending a WhatsApp message to the number 375 554 0707), who will set up the Hold Deposit.

Once you have received the tracking code, you will be able to check the status of your package. The arrival times are the same as a normal delivery, but the convenience lies in the fact that you can collect the goods in person in the courier's goods depot, at the most convenient times, without having to wait for couriers at home or ask favors from friends or in the place of work.

This option is free. In order to collect the package, you must present an identification document and the shipping number. The package will be held at the warehouse closest to the recipient's street of residence for 10 days only.


Checking the location of the goods (therefore, using the tracking code) allows you to prevent the goods from falling into storage.

FFitness, to help you and satisfy your needs, warns you every time the courier communicates a stock: whatever the reason (wrong address, failure to contact you, etc.), our Customer Service will contact you via phone call, message or sms not only to notify you of the stock, but also to have the information necessary to open a complaint against the courier and release the stock.

In addition to unblocking the stock, if it is easier or more convenient for you, you can also request a hold on storage and collect the goods at the courier office closest to you (usually within 10 days).

What should you do if, however, you have the wrong address or want the goods delivered elsewhere? First of all, you can request a change to the delivery address only after the first pass by the courier or upon activation of the stock, but you still have to notify the seller: what does this mean?

In fact, this is a second shipment of the goods: so don't be surprised and don't accuse the seller of theft or fraud if he (rightly) asks you to pay for the second shipment. Unfortunately, the error is not the seller's. Indeed, always remember not to attack the seller for failure to deliver or activate the stock: even in this case, it makes no sense, in fact it could make the situation worse.


You can pay for your goods by bank transfer, cash on delivery, PostePay top-up, credit card or PayPal, payment in installments with Soisy (over €600) and with Afterpay (any amount up to €600). Remember that:

  • with cash on delivery you pay only upon delivery of the goods: the service has an additional cost of €10, to be added to the total purchase amount, for courier fees (the surcharge is added to the total cost of the item in the screen of the checkout, only if the relevant payment method has been checked);
  • with bank transfer, the purchased goods will be shipped only after having certified the actual crediting of the payment;
  • with PayPal or Poste Pay top-up the payment must be completed in order to ship the goods;
  • with Soisy, in the checkout, you choose the number of installments, but you will then have to access the Soisy website to obtain the financing: the purchased goods will be shipped only after confirmation of the financing itself (response in 3 minutes, with tax code and a few info. Acceptance required after document check, max 24 hours; signature with code via text message); the installment is exactly what you will pay for the number of installments you choose, without additional stamp duty costs, installment collection or early repayment;
  • with Scalapay you receive your order immediately and pay in 3 installments (the installments will be transferred to Incremento SPV Srl, to related parties and to their transferees, to whom the buyer authorizes transfer).


In case of damage

FFitness covers accidental damage resulting from the transport of the goods by the courier, through insurance of the goods. For the insurance to be activated, you must notify the courier at the time of delivery of any damage to the package and verify the integrity of the goods with him.

If the courier refuses to verify, you must accept the delivery with "subject to verification of the contents": in the event of transport damage to the object, send a communication to our Customer Service via the Contact form , a WhatsApp message to number 375 554 0707 or an email to . The Administration, after due and rigorous checks, will refund the total cost incurred by you (upon collection of the goods) or send a new damaged object/component as a replacement.

In case of posthumous defect

In the event of an object defect, send our Customer Service some photos showing the type of malfunction, via email ( or with a WhatsApp message to the number 375 554 0707. Once you have viewed the photos, the Administration reserves the right to replace the object.

In case of replacement (exchange), you must package the item in the same way in which it was received and hand it over to the courier on the day the replacement item will be delivered to you.


Before leaving feedback and/or a negative comment, contact our Customer Service. Releasing feedback and/or a negative comment does not allow us to intervene to resolve the problem.

Finally, threatening to release negative feedback only makes both parties nervous: therefore, we always recommend resolving any possible dispute in a friendly and civil manner. We ask that you be polite and courteous to us. In return, our staff will always appear serious and professional in all circumstances.


When the goods are delivered to you by the courier, check the integrity of the packaging (pay attention to any traces of humidity) and open it without destroying the packaging (it could be useful if you decide to exercise the right of withdrawal). Once the package has been opened, check the completeness of the contents by comparing it with the paper copy of the order placed online. Once you have made sure that nothing is missing, you will only have to check the integrity of the goods and their conformity.

It is advisable to keep track of every defect even with a photo or a small video because, in the event of a defective or non-functioning product, you will be entitled to compliance with the rules on the after-sales guarantee which extends for two years from delivery. Although many shopkeepers refuse to fulfill their duty of care, inviting the consumer to contact the manufacturer, according to the Consumer Code it is the seller who is responsible for any defects in the goods.

It is therefore a good idea to keep the purchase invoice, but also the delivery note, to prove the delivery date which is the one from which the two-year warranty starts.

Receipt of the goods without reservation extinguishes the actions deriving from the contract except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence of the carrier which logically must be demonstrated by the customer. When we sign the receipt, we certify that all packages have arrived and have arrived intact. This formally releases the courier from any liability for damage caused by transport.

In the case of obvious external damage or suspected tampering (e.g. false packaging tapes) it is preferable to note the damage by writing it in pen on the consignment note that the carrier asks you to sign upon receipt of delivery. In the case of perfect packaging and only for our protection, we can still indicate acceptance of the shipment subject to verification by always writing it in pen on the consignment note. Here is the phrase to appear on the transport document: "goods collected/accepted with reservation".